CHiQ offers for a limited time to extend the standard three (3) year warranty on ​selected fridges​ for an additional two (2) years free of charge​.
Valid between 1st February and 31st July 2021.

To receive your bonus 2 year warranty you must register your CHiQ product within 30 days of purchase.

Eligible Fridge/Freezer models:  CSS602WD, CSS601SD, CSS600BD, CSS559NWD, CSS558NBSD, CSS557NSD, CBM432W, CBM431S, CBM430B, CBM396NW, CBM395NBS, CBM394NSS, CBM251W, CBM250S, CBM231NW, CBM230NS, CTM550W, CTM549B, CTM515NW, CTM514NBS, CTM435W, CTM434S, CTM433B, CTM410NW, CTM409NBS, CTM408NSS, CTM370W, CTM368BP, CTM348NW, CTM347NB,  CTM320W, CTM318B, CTM297NW, CTM296NBS, CTM263W, CTM251NW, CTM216W, CTM215BP, CTM200NW, CTM199NB, CRTM213B, CRTM212R, CRTM211C, CRTM198NB, CRTM197NR, CRTM196NW, CCF500W, CCF292W, CCF200W, CCF142W, CCF141BP, CCF099DW, CCF141DW, CCF140DB, CCF199DW, CCF292DW, CCF500DW, CSF190W, CSF188S, CSF206NW, CSF205NSS, CSH431WL, CSH431WR, CSH430BL, CSH430BR, CSH380NWL, CSH380NWR, CSH379NBSL, CSH379NBSR, CSF166NW, CSF165NSS


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